Tokyo Hookah Bar 

Melbourne’s Victoria Street is not a place where you’ll be at any misfortune for discovering universal eating choices. From its well known Little Vietnam strip at the Richmond end to the valid African joints around its Abbotsford extend, Victoria Street exemplifies Melbourne’s culinary differing qualities.

Tokyo Hookah Bar likewise joins the differing qualities of exceptional eateries, realising its own flavour and flare. Here, Tokyo Hookah Bar concentrates on two hotshots of worldwide cooking: Burgers and Japanese Donburi rice bowls. It’s a mix that isn’t new, obviously, yet at Tokyo Bar it is taken to its peak, with a dash of Japanese mayo here as well as complete full fledged Osaka, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto and Fukuoka burgers devoted to local culinary qualities. Tokyo Bar focuses on delectable karaage, fish and veggie lover manifestations. Furthermore, we haven’t got to their flavoursome Japanese soups, quality specialty brews and sweet Japanese alcohol including sake, cocktails and beer.

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Tokyo Hookah Bar is open for pick up and delivery from 03:30 PM – 01:00 AM throughout a week.